Anyone who thinks that the “Terrible-two’s” actually start from two years old is mistaken. My daughter is just 20 months and is already tantruming like a pro.

It didn’t happen overnight for me, it’s been a long slippery slope into the crescendo of diva-dom that my daughter now exhibits. The string of vaguely positive adjectives that we used to use to describe her is becoming increasingly sparse. We used to say she was spirited, confident and independent, then we banded around words like headstrong, determined and wilful, now it is simply that she is a downright diva!

Up until she was around nine months old she was the most placid and easy-going baby. Her default position was smiling and gurgling and to be honest, we barely knew we had her.

Around the same time that she decided that sitting still was for losers, was when she found her voice. Initially it was shrieks but it soon moved on to screams. There was no variety in tone or volume, she was stuck on loud.

The frustration that she was feeling was what eventually got her moving. She crawled then walked and I had hoped that this would allay the screeching. I was wrong.

Everyone who knows her would pass comment about her volume. This is when the “spirited/wilful” comments began. People who didn’t know her would wonder horrified, why I wasn’t comforting my daughter when the noises emitting from her pushchair would lead them to believe that she had just accidentally bitten off her own finger. “She’s just a bit vocal” I’d assure them wiltingly.

Last week the diva-like behaviour reached a new high. My daughter and I popped the shops by ourselves. It was a rare treat to be out without my elder child in tow so I made the (ridiculously stupid!) decision to take her on her trike.

It was only when I actually got inside the shop that it occurred to me that I had no means of restraining her. I tried fobbing her off with a few small items to carry around the shop, the theory being that with a packet in each hand she wouldn’t have an available limb for destroying the shop.

My plan fell to pieces and my daughter began “rearranging” the displays. At this point I picked her up. She was obviously displeased with this decision and began writhing around like a fish out of water.

I was only buying two items so made the (again, ridiculously stupid) decision to persevere with the shopping. With the stroppy toddler held tightly to my hip and the two items balanced perilously in my other hand I made my way to the queue.

I soon began to lose grip on everything I was carrying so tried to get my daughter to stand up next to me. Once more she severely disagreed with this course of action and flopped to the floor shouting loudly. I could feel the colour rising in my cheeks as everyone in the shop turned to witness this fairly hilarious tantrum.

There was nothing for it. I’m sure that plenty of people would have reacted differently but I am not one to pander to tantrums. I picked up my daughter and held her rugby ball style under my arm while I quickly paid and exited the shop, face still burning!


Friday, January 25

2.30-3pm Musical mums at Bilton Surestart Center. Musical Mums is a highly successful initiative working with teenage mothers, creating a welcoming environment and promoting positive interaction between mums and their children through music. The weekly sessions involve music creation and singing, encouraging the children to respond in a positive manner to the music and to the sounds of their mothers’ voices. The sessions offer the mothers and their children the opportunity to create positive bonds, learn together in a fun environment, gain new skills and confidence and make new friends. For more information please contact Louisa on 01423 562303

Saturday, and Sunday, January 26 and 27

From 9am Burgess Premier small animal show at Yorkshire Event Centre. This year it is set to see thousands of small animal lovers attend across the two day event with approximately 1650 Rabbits, 700 Cavies, 20 Chinchillas, 50 Gerbils, 225 Hamsters, 350 Mice, 100 Rats on show it really will be an incredible experience for all the family. Whether you are looking to compete, trade or just attend the Show, it is a fantastic weekend. It is a festival for people who are passionate about small animals. See

Tuesday, January 29

9.30am (for under 2’s) and 11am (2 yrs +) Pre-school Gymnastics drop in session at Harrogate Gymnastics Club for ages 1-3yrs £4 per child. Harrogate Gymnastics Club based on Hornbeam Park is a not-for -profit organisation (opened in September 2009) that delivers gymnastics and movement sessions from children 6 months to 18 years. The club has everyone from preschool gymnasts coming for drop in sessions to explore the gym and learn valuable motor skills to beginner gymnasts and gymnasts competing at a National level. Classes run every day of the week at various different times depending on age and ability of the gymnasts. We pride ourselves on offering gymnastics for all at a reasonable price. The club is a British Gymnastics registered club and all staff our fully qualified and CRB checked.

Thursday January 31

11am-12pm Children’s Story time Harlow Carr Gardens. Come and join our storytelling session at Harlow Carr and find out about great garden adventures and little garden creatures. The story will be followed by a short walk or song, so don’t forget to bring a coat. All children need to be accompanied by an adult. Suitable for under 5’s.

Looking ahead

The next Mumbler Baby and Child Nearly New Sale is 2pm-3.30pm on Sunday 3rd February at the Cairn Hotel Harrogate. Amazing bargains to be found!