More snow before the thaw

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Parts of the Harrogate district saw its heaviest snowfall in two years this week with up to eight inches of snow.

“This is the most snow we have had since the really cold weather of December 2009 and January 2010,” he said.

“I recorded snow on the ground on Monday, January 14 and it’s been there ever since.”

A North Yorkshire County Council spokeman said their priority in extreme weather was to keep main roads open, followed by other important roads.

Claims a gritter depot on Penny Pot Lane was inaccessible to its own drivers were refuted by the council.

The spokesman said: “Cold temperatures meant that lying snow overnight on Sunday did readily clear and hence compacted snow and ice was a widespread problem for motorists and pedestrians. When road temperatures fall below -5 centigrade, grit is far less effective. During the current cold snap road surface temperatures have been as low as -10.”

With Atlantic air set to sweep in towards the end of the week more snow could come on Friday before the temperatures turn and snow turns to rain and the thaw arrives.