More than 2,500 North Yorkshire residents are on mail fraudsters 'Suckers List' warn police

Financial protection officers at North Yorkshire Police have urged residents to watch a short film about fraud mail prevention as the number of North Yorkshire people targeted exceeds 2,500.

Monday, 8th October 2018, 12:13 pm
Updated Monday, 8th October 2018, 12:18 pm
More than 2,500 North Yorkshire residents are on mail fraudsters 'Suckers List' warn police

The National Trading Standards Scams Team has worked together with national anti-fraud charity, Th!nk Jessica, to produce the film which warns residents about the scale of the problem and the consequences for victims.

In North Yorkshire alone, officers have warned that more than 2,500 residents are on a 'Suckers List' which fraudsters use to target those susceptible to being scammed.

Andy Fox, Financial Abuse Safeguarding Officer, North Yorkshire Police, explained that scammers target the elderly and even groom their victims by building a relationship with them.

He said: "During my time in Trading Standards I worked very closely with a charity called 'Think Jessica' who support victims and their families from mail scams.

"Have you ever received a letter through the post informing that you have won a large cash prize and in order to claim that prize you need to send off a small 'admin fee'. If so, chances are, you are on a 'Suckers List'.

"This is a list of people who at some point in the past have answered a scam mail or given their details for a free prize draw or other incentive. Scammers sell theses details to other scammers in the same way insurance companies sell details to other companies.

"In North Yorkshire alone this list exceeded 2500 residents. These types of scams are invariably aimed at the elderly who are maybe lonely and isolated and the scammers will form a relationship with these people, grooming them to be potential victims.

"At times victims can lose several thousands of pounds genuinely believing they are going to win a prize."

If you believe you or a family member are a victim of scam mail visit the Th!nk Jessica campaign for further advice and information.