More than 1,000 homes could be built on Ripon's army barrack sites

The Ripon Gazette understands that more than 1,000 homes could be built across Ripon's army barrack sites, under emerging plans from the Ministry of Defence.

Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 5:01 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 5:05 pm
The Ministry of Defence told the 'Gazette thatat this stage they cannotprovide a breakdown of how manyof thesehomes would be built at each of the sites.

Harrogate Borough Council has confirmed that they are aware of this figure, which exceeds the number of homes set out in their draft Local Plan.

The Ministry of Defence told the 'Gazette that at this stage they cannot provide a breakdown of how many of these homes would be built at each of the sites.

Harrogate Borough Council's cabinet member for planning, Coun Rebecca Burnett, said: "The Ministry of Defence has consistently promoted Ripon barracks for major housing development.

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"We are aware that its ambition for the three, separate, sites would see more homes being built than the 800 set out in our draft local plan. The final number of dwellings will be considered through the independent examination process which is now under way."

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said: “We are working with the local council on a proposal to build homes on the barracks site, which has been included in their draft Local Plan. Further details will be made available in due course.”

The Ripon Gazette also understands that there have been discussions around building a new school and creating new sports facilities on the site. This is something that is referenced in the Ripon City Plan.

Here is what the Ripon City Plan says about plans for the army barracks:

"Owing to the scale of development being a substantial urban extension to Ripon, and the opportunity afforded by the particular ownership, the city council would like to see a master plan for the area be prepared, having regard to the following:

- Urban design

- Green infrastructure

- Retention of existing military premises (to be specified) for employment, community, education and recreational purposes in the Claro Barracks built up and technical areas

- Retention of existing sports fields for creation of a sporting village

- Incorporation of the military roads between Kirkby Road, Clotherholme Road and Galphay Lane into the public highway network

- Mix, tenure and size of new dwellings

- Archaeological investigation of the military occupation of the area

- The precautionary allocation of a site (of not less than 1.6 hectares) for a primary school

- The allocation of a site for local shopping and associated community facilities

- The physical measures required to enable phased release of land and premises from military use

- Management of the maintenance, conservation and enhancement of the remaining open land and woodland within the military estate beyond the Regeneration Area taking account of the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

"Proposals will be required to demonstrate how they abide by the development principles set out in the master plan in order to be supported.

"The military estate will be Ripon’s major “brownfield” site. Regeneration needs to include re-use of good quality buildings for a range of businesses, educational and community uses. Such buildings would be more expensive to develop as new today and their continued use is an important contribution to sustainable development.

"Retention of the military playing fields for public use, the opportunity to allocate sites for local community needs and protection of the natural environment and landscape will all contribute to sustainable development.

"Incorporation of the military roads as strategic additions to the city’s highway network may well be a valuable opportunity to reduce traffic congestion on the west side of the city and in the city centre."