Megan offered top scholarship

Megan Humphries.
Megan Humphries.

A Harrogate-based student has been offered a scholarship at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music.

Megan Humphries, who currently studies in year 13 at Harrogate Grammar School, earned a place following her recent auditions for music conservatoires.

Megan has dedicated herself to music for more than 10 years now, beginning first with piano then adding harp at the age of 10.

The Royal Academy of Music is one of the most prestigious conservatoires and is world renowned for the highly successful musicians it has both employed and trained since 1822; some of the alumni include Sir Simon Rattle, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Sir Elton John and Katherine Jenkins.

Within the harp department, three Royal Harpists to the Prince of Wales have also studied there, one of whom is Megan’s current tutor, Claire Jones.

The undergraduate course that Megan will begin in September will last four years and focuses on the harp, offering her one-to-one tuition alongside orchestral, ensemble, aural and sight-reading classes, equipping her with the necessary skills to create the successful career she’s already working towards.

A school spokesman said: “Her audition preparation has already given her an insight to the skills she will build upon in the Academy; her audition included a performance of three pieces (one of her own choice, one composed post 1950 and one technical study), an interview, a sight-reading test and an aural test.”