Meet the baby who was born in Hookstone Road traffic

tis  Matt and Lisa Lehan with daughter Alice and baby Jessie.  (131025M7)
tis Matt and Lisa Lehan with daughter Alice and baby Jessie. (131025M7)

Proud parents Lisa and Matt Lehan, are now settled at home after baby Jessie’s dramatic birth in traffic on Hookstone Road this week.

Baby Jessie was born weighing 8lb 4oz at 9.44am in a queue of traffic near Hornbeam Park.

Proud dad, Matt Lehan, said: “It all happened so quick, Lisa’s waters broke in the car and I called the hospital who told me to pull over, help keep her warm and get towels ready.

“By the time I heard the siren from the ambulance coming up the road I was already holding my baby girl.”

He added: “It all happened in about seven minutes, it was a lot quicker than I have seen on TV.

“I didn’t do anything, it was all Lisa, she was brilliant.

“The hospital said they had seen babies being born in everywhere and that it wasn’t too unusual. But it was certainly unexpected for us.”

Mum of two Lisa was ten days overdue when she went into labour.

Matt said: “With our first baby Lisa was in hospital for four days before the baby was born, this time we didn’t even make it there.

“It was so surreal, I still can’t really believe it, it’s only just starting to sink in now. Babies are supposed to be born in hospital, not on the side of the road!”

The temporary traffic lights on Hookstone Road have been a source of frustration for Harrogate motorists for weeks now, however Matt thinks even if they hadn’t been caught in the traffic jam, they still probably would not have made it to the hospital.

“It all just happened to quickly, I think we would have made it to the hospital car park at best.”

Lisa said: “I wasn’t expecting it at all, when Matt was told to pull over I said, ‘There is no way I am having a baby in the car’, but then it all happened so quickly.”

Bypassers stopped to help the couple, with one person holding Matt’s phone while a midwife gave instructions, and another waved down the ambulance.

“In all the rush I didn’t get chance to thank them or get their names, but we are very thankful,” said Matt.

Good wishes have been flooding in for the family since the news was announced.

Lisa said: “So many people have been in touch, I haven’t had chance to contact people but I am really grateful for all the nice comments and good wishes.”

Matt added: “Marshall Honda garage have valeted the car for free as a gift too.”

Lisa and Jessie stayed one night in the hospital before going home and introducing their eldest daughter Alice, aged two and a half, to her new sister.

“She is giving her lots of cuddles and kisses,” said Lisa.

“And she has been saying ‘my sister’ and ‘hello baby’ a lot.”

Lisa added: “We have called her Jessie, it was my Nana’s name.”

Matt also revealed baby Jessie isn’t the first Lehan to make headlines after a dramatic birth.

“I am a twin but my mum had no idea at all until after my brother was born and then I was too.

“I was in the newspaper too, and kept the cutting.”