Marking half a decade of bringing geek culture to Harrogate

SteveDempster has marked five years of his Geek Pub Quiz
SteveDempster has marked five years of his Geek Pub Quiz

The organisers of a pub quiz have celebrated half a decade of bringing geek culture to Harrogate.

Held on the third Sunday of every month at Major Tom's the Geek Pub Quiz has since branched out into several events held in Harrogate lead by Steve Dempster. On Sunday, August 13 the quiz gave challengers the chance to win prizes including a classic sega mega drive for the fifth anniversary.

Originally travelling outside the area for similar events Steve and his friends began questioning why Harrogate couldn't have its own quiz covering topics ranging from Batman, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and more.

He said: "We used to go to a place in Leeds called Fab Cafe which has since closed down, we would take friends over and it was just an overall great place to meet up if you liked these sorts of things.

"I remember that when they would hold their own quiz it was just dead sometimes, I enjoyed putting stuff on like that at university and thought I would have a go at hosting my own. I held the first at the Empress and it seemed to go down really well, after we put that on we just thought why should we have to travel to Leeds or York for something like this?

"Five years ago we held the first of our regular sessions at Retro bar and what started as a £1 a head event with just 30 people kept on growing as people came in not knowing what it was and wanting to join in. Since then we have just gone from strength to strength."

He added: "We started off with the idea of bringing more geeky things to Harrogate, we just had no idea there were so many people who enjoyed it here.

"Doing this I think we have managed to help many of them realise its alright to be a geek."

The quiz has several rounds, a general section on all things geeky, a specialist round covering specific universes varying from Spiderman to Red Dwarf, and an audio round. Breaking up the questions is a raffle, with prizes donated from businesses across Harrogate including Destination Venus and Crepes and Creams.

Alongside this Steve also hosts another session of the quiz at the Everyman Cinema on the last Thursday of every month. The largest turnout for the quiz took place in July, with more than 100 people in 28 teams going head to head.

Teaming up with local comic shop Destination Venus Steve will be hosting a charity screening of the movie Serenity, the silver screen follow up to the TV cult classic Firefly on Saturday, September 16. Money raised through the showing and other activities, including a quiz, boardgames, cosplay and cupcake sale, will go to the charity Equality Now.