Man swept away by Bilton flood waters

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Fire crews were called to flash flooding in Summerbridge and Harrogate and a man and his dog were swept away by high waters when heavy rain hit the district.

Homes on Summerbridge’s main street and the village’s Primary School all suffered flash flooding late on Saturday, July 7, with water levels reaching as as high as four foot, and fire crews from Harrogate and Summerbridge were called to help pump water away from the buildings.

And a man and his dog werwe swept away by a flooded beck behind the sewage works in Bilton.

Fire crews from Ripon, who were at standby at Harrogate due to the Harrogate crews attending flash flooding in Summerbridge, and Knaresborough, together with a specialist water rescue officer, were called to the accident.

Fortunately, the elderly male had managed to climb out of the flooded beck beofre the firefighters arrived, and was just cold, dirty and suffering slightly from shock, but the dog had not been found.

The firefighters, who arrived on the scene at 9pm, sent spotters upstream and downstream from the last sighting of the dog but had to call off the search as the waters continued to rise and light fell, but the owner contacted fiore crews later when the dog found its own way home.