Little Red Bus steps into the breach

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An ARTICLE which claimed Harrogate’s Little Red Bus had gone into administration was completely wrong, according to the head of the charity.

The story, posted today on the Harrogate News website under the headline “Little Red Bus Service enters administration”, has since been taken down after a complaint from the charity.

The Little Red Bus’s chief executive, Lyn Costelloe, has clarified that an organisation in Craven went into administration and the Little Red Bus is in fact helping to continue its services.

Bentham Development Trust, which ran community bus services across Craven, went into administration after an investigation was launched into its finances earlier this year.

The Little Red Bus, the trading name of Harrogate District Community Transport, has stepped into the breach and is helping North Yorkshire County Council to continue services in the area.

Ms Costelloe said: “North Yorkshire County Council have asked us to help the community up there because all their services will have disappeared.”

The Little Red Bus has now put out a statement clarifying its involvement.

It said: “Harrogate District Community Transport (Little Red Bus) is not in any way involved with the liquidation of Bentham Development Trust.

“Harrogate District Community Transport has been asked to support the Craven Community to ensure that transport services can continue to be provided and people in Craven maintain their access to services.

“Harrogate Little Red Bus is very happy to work with NYCC and others in the community to ensure that services are continued.”

For more information about the services offered by the Little Red Bus, visit Little Red Bus.