Letter: Traffic flow - 23 sets of lights in 4.7 miles!

Bond End, Knaresborough
Bond End, Knaresborough

Regrading the recent article, ‘Leave the car at home’, NYCC and Harrogate Council must surely take responsibility too?

Every time there is a traffic problem they stop the traffic by installing even more traffic lights, or bollards or paint on the road.

Do they not appreciate that the standing traffic caused by them is adding to both congestion and pollution? A recent think tank report stated that 80 per cent of traffic lights are unnecessary most of the time.

These coud be switched on only at busy times.

Bond End traffic in Knaresborough flows much easier when the lights fail at quieter times.

Speed bumps are adding to the misery of travelling around the Harrogate area causing cars to brake then accelerate at each one.

Even the cabinet minister who signed the original order to install these, later admitted it was a mistake to authorise it.

Gateway entrances are far more friendly slowing the traffic.

On a journey of 4.7 miles into Harrogate there are 23 sets of lights plus the level crossing, which itself is kept closed too long.

V Walker

Princess Avenue,