Letter: Town Centre Plan - Have the courage to reject it

James Street.  (130118M6a)
James Street. (130118M6a)

I would like to thank your correspondent, Peter Lilley, for his informative letter last week concerning the council’s town centre pedestrianisation plans.

I fear he is probably correct in his predictions about the implementation of the plans via the back door, despite considerable opposition to further pedestrianisation in the centre of Harrogate.

A firm of town planning consultants commissioned to produce a vision of Harrogate into the future was never going to say “Do nothing, it all seems to be working fine”, was it?

The report inevitably proposes significant changes but this this doesn’t mean the council should feel obliged to implement them and they must have the courage to reject the proposals.

The fact that alfresco dining and pavement cafes feature so prominently on the drawings was enough for me to conclude the authors were confusing Harrogate with our twin town Luchon in the south of France.

To the planners, James Street with its traffic is ‘cluttered’ but to me and many others, especially the traders, it is ‘buzzy’, just like Bond Street, the classiest retail street in London.

OK, we don’t have so many Rolls Royces but the cars are generally very smart and they add interest to the street scene.

David Mason

Chapman Square, Harrogate