Letter: Town Centre Plan - Comments have been ignored

Artist's impression indicative layout to Cenotaph and Montpellier Parade
Artist's impression indicative layout to Cenotaph and Montpellier Parade

How many people, like me had their views on the Town Centre Plan ignored?

Your excellent article in last Thursday’s Advertiser prompted me to spend a couple of hours on Friday morning completing the consultation process. The deadline was 4.30pm the same day.

It was a long and unwieldy process and needed a lot of time (and a computer) to complete.

Fortunately I have time but I would imagine that this, in itself, put a lot of people off.

When I checked the website this morning (Tuesday), my comments had not been recorded. How many others have had a similar experience?

It’s no wonder there are so few comments. If comments were not registered on Friday were they missed on other days?

I agree with others that the publicity and consultation for this misconceived plan has been very poor. It was only your article that prompted me to write.

For the record, I think there are some good parts to the report and some good intentions but as someone said “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

The age profile of Harrogate is accepted to be higher. These people need access to the town centre.

The reduction in parking spaces – we don’t know how many but it will be a lot - will be bad for visitors and business.

Lack of parking is a major issue for our town. How on earth they expect traffic to flow down Montpellier I don’t know.

All these open spaces will be great on a fine sunny day but for most of autumn, winter and spring they will just be bleak.

Harrogate is succeeding where so many towns are failing – as witnessed by the lack of empty shops. Why spoil it?

Surely they cannot proceed with such poor consultation figures.

If they do go ahead, how much will it cost?

Steve Wright