Letter: Town Centre - A glimpse of the future...

Cambridge Street, Harrogate.
Cambridge Street, Harrogate.

Wow, here we are in our refurbished town. No more traffic problems now that the town centre is completely paved over, and the new inner ring road and car park system (formerly known as the Stray) is in place.

No more of those people called traffic wardens, as there are no streets left to patrol, and the car parks - you could never find anyway - are now inner town apartment blocks. That saved building the backlog of houses we were faced with. This major alteration all started ten years ago when the town councillors were distracted with their latest ego boosting idea of doing away with the town hall and redeveloping “Caught Knapping Mount”. That was always situated in the wrong place, and was going to struggle to function with an impractical shape and inadequate parking for staff (and no office for the council leader). Very modern.

Unfortunately, the strips of tarmac, still known as roads, leading into this once busy town are as jammed up as ever, and the best way to access Harrogate from outside is to come by train, leaving your car in Leeds or York, the only workable park and ride system devised so far (even if you live inside the Harrogate boundary, as it’s quicker).

The really noticeable difference is the lack of street maps, because there are no streets. You can just wander around aimlessly all day, shopping, drinking coffee and eating, similar to ten years ago.

Happy Christmas Harrojoke. I just wished it was a joke.

Graham Strugnell