Letter: Tourism - Going the extra mile to help...

The crown on the Crown roundabout taken by John Walker
The crown on the Crown roundabout taken by John Walker

For many years we have visited Harrogate for a New Year break, staying at the Crown Hotel.

The Crown roundabout looked particularly festive this year - lighting up the crown gave the whole area an extra buzz.

We always enjoy our short holiday, shopping, walking through the Valley Gardens and the pine woods to Harlow Carr and visiting the theatre for a performance of the panto.

This brings me to the real purpose of my letter. I want to say a huge thank you to the box office duty manager and her staff.

When we originally booked our seats for the matinee performance on New Year’s Eve we had arranged for my teenage grandson to “dog sit” our two guide dog puppies (we’re puppy walkers for Guide Dogs). However, surprise, surprise, he decided not to come with us to Harrogate.

As there was no way that two Labrador pups (18 months and six months) would cope with a two-hour performance of Aladdin, we approached the box office staff a couple of days before.

They assured us that it was not a problem. The duty manager and her staff looked after them while we watched the performance.

We are so grateful to them and just want to acknowledge the extra help they gave to some visitors to the town. As puppy walkers, we try to give the pups as many experiences as possible, including visits to supermarkets, hotels, bus and train journeys and cafes/restaurants -yes, they’ve behaved perfectly in Betty’s!

What could have been a real problem to us was sorted out pleasantly and efficiently and we are back home in Cheshire with very satisfied feelings towards Harrogate folk and look forward to many more trips to your lovely town.

Sheila and Brian Etchells

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