Letter: Taxi rank - A big thank you to our taxi drivers

Parliament Street is a perfect place for a taxi rank says C Weston
Parliament Street is a perfect place for a taxi rank says C Weston

I would like to congratulate someone in the Harrogate Council for actually using some common sense for once.

There has been a desperate need for more taxi ranks in the town for a long time now and where have they situated the new one? In exactly the right place on the bottom of Parliament Street where all the clubs and bars are, so now people a little worse for wear can fall out of the bar and straight into a waiting cab, wonderful.

At the moment it is a night time only rank and the council have put up notices to say it is a taxi rank but unfortunately they are hard to see in the dark and people are still parking their cars there, so the taxis are struggling to gain access on to it. Might I suggest road markings which the public would be able to see batter in the dark.

Could that someone in the council please use the same common sense and give some lee way to the rank on Station Parade and not give out parking tickets to taxis clearly waiting to gain access on to it. They cannot keep circling the town, it does not work. By the time they return to the rank they are in the same situation. After all they are not sitting there for their health, they are trying to run a service for us the people of Harrogate.

Lastly, I would like to say to everyone out there who uses a taxi, please spare a thought for your driver. He is doing you a service, his car has cost him a fortune to keep well maintained, having to go through specialist testing among other things.

Come on people, they have a hard job to do. Don’t you think we should give them the respect they deserve for getting us home safely, pay him and say a big thank you.

Ask yourself this question: would you like to do this job? I think I would find the answer would be a resounding no.

C Weston