LETTER: Street drinking - No more pedestrianisation

Street drinking
Street drinking

In last week’s edition you reported a ‘crackdown’ by the police on group street drinking in town centre ‘hotspots’ such as Beulah Street and Oxford Street.

It comes as no surprise that the streets concerned were converted to ‘pedestrian only’ precincts some 30 years ago, and in the face of considerable opposition from local shoppers and shopkeepers, which resulted in a greatly reduced scheme.

Now it seems that in a predictable spate of deja vu our councils confronted with much the same old suggestions in their consultation ‘Town Centre Strategy Plan’ which aims to block off traffic from James Street, Princes Street and Station Square, thereby creating a pedestrian ghetto with inadequate parking nearby.

As mentioned in the same edition at least the county council has spotted the traffic back-up and intense congestion problems caused if this scheme is agreed by our borough council.

Furthermore the enormous loss of on-street parking spaces, and lack of alternative spaces nearby will inevitably lead to a great reduction of local and visiting shoppers and to the closure of specialist shops for which our town is much patronised.

Surely our local council have to consider the enormous loss of revenue if on-street parking in the town centre is virtually prohibited. No wonder Tesco are determined to build their superstore on Ripon Road.

Peter Hacker

Hollins Crescent, Harrogate