Letter: Spa Meeting - New organisation ‘will not work’

Letter from Jeremy Banyard: Community Interest Company in Ripon -  New organisation 'will not work'
Letter from Jeremy Banyard: Community Interest Company in Ripon - New organisation 'will not work'

Unfortunately last week, due to family circumstances I was unable to attend the meeting in the Spa Hotel regarding the setting up of a new Community Interest Company in Ripon.

However I have been sent the details of the presentation given. To say I am appalled is an understatement.

In the presentation it is stated that there would be directors from six sectors within the city – community, charity, civic society, Chamber of Commerce, cathedral and city council plus another three vacancies.

Strangely these sectors are almost the exact sectors of another group in the City, namely GRIP.

Another strange occurrence is that the website of the new CIC details is www.makinGRIPonbetter.wordpress.com. Spotted it yet?

For years GRIP has done nothing whatsoever to change Ripon for the better, just watched as Ripon goes from bad to worse.

The Chamber of Trade pulled out, councillors sought to run the ‘company’ with even less results that at the beginning.

What needs to be remembered is that with any member of the city council involved then the funding streams dry up. There are very few funders who will give large amounts of money when councils are involved.

So GRIP didn’t work and this new CIC will not work either.

I understand that it was stated that there is a cost of £1 to become a director. This is incorrect.

The £1 is the sum that is payable by a director if a company ‘limited by guarantee’ then goes bust, not until. So information given is wrong.

All these new fangled ideas are too concerned with event management, something that lasts only one day, or has little effectiveness.

What is needed is big things to happen. Ripon needs more car parking as a number one priority.

A number two priority is to provide a hotel or hotels and quickly, and better infrastructure, re roads etc. Nothing less will do any good.

With these things in place more businesses might be attracted to the city.

And for those who would advocate such as a park and ride facility, or a new railway station, please come out of the darkened room and get a real perspective on what is needed.

And for those with the power – get on with it.

Jeremy Banyard

Long Meadows, Ripon