Letter: Parking charges - Support fairness across the county

An open letter to Coun Don Mackenzie with regards to the proposed car parking charges for evenings and Sundays.

Thursday, 28th January 2016, 12:00 pm
Parking ticket machine. (1306044AM1)

Please can I ask that you support the local people, businesses, groups and societies who are opposed to yet more car parking charges in our town.

If money is needed, why cannot there be a look at other parts of the county who don’t have the same charges as Harrogate? Some even remain free of charges.

Evening charges would impact on so many people, affecting those coming into town for various clubs, theatre visits, dining out; do you want to make our town centre a ghost town?

Putting charges on on a Sunday could impact our tourism offer. It is a time people often visit for more than shopping. They visit to enjoy Harrogate’s tourist offer - why put that at risk?

We are a tourist and conference town - are we about to make our town centre unwelcoming?

The reason being offered is that there are parking problems and to make charges will change that. I would like to understand the issues causing concern and I would like to know whether there has been any monitoring, to understand if there are blackspots.

No doubt you have had lots of correspondence on this issue. Please listen to what those people have to say.

I know that the petition of over 2,000 signatures against the new council offices did nothing to persuade you to change your mind then. Please listen this time.

You were in the Chamber when the Lib Dems put forward the Notice of Motion asking that HBC request NYCC to reconsider the proposal. This was supported across party. That in itself must say something to you.

Please say no to more on-street car parking charges in Harrogate town centre.

Support the people, support local businesses and support fairness and equality across the county.

Coun Pat Marsh

Lib Dem group leader, 
Harrogate Borough Council