Letter: Museum of Yorkshire would attract visitors

Harrogate Council Offices on Crescent Gardens.(1401045b)Harrogate Council Offices on Crescent Gardens.(1401045b)
Harrogate Council Offices on Crescent Gardens.(1401045b)
I purchased a house in Harrogate a couple of years ago. It quite frankly is an outstanding town.

However, the town does seem that it could use an additional cultural attraction.

The Harrogate Council Offices in Crescent Park strikes me as a fabulous place for a museum.

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Given it is such an outstanding setting, I think the museum could be set up with minimal costs and still attract interest.

One idea is to make it a general Museum of Yorkshire.

There could be displays on various parts of Yorkshire history including ones on its people, economy, art, literature, and environment (to name a few).

Each of these items may be addressed in more detail in other places.

However, this generalised review of all things Yorkshire in a fabulous building on a revitalised square of Harrogate will surely be a hit.

Pat Connors


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