Letter: Leeds Road - Sharing the despair

Leeds Road
Leeds Road

I share the despair of your recent correspondent that the Leeds Road junction will ever be fit for purpose.

Having commented online and attended the meeting organised to discuss improvements, at no time was mention made of removing the Keep Clear marking on Leeds Road at the end of Beech Avenue.

This was the only means of help to join the main road for all the motorists who live in the Almsford area. The only alternatives are to use Hookstone Avenue, which is narrow and congested at the best of times or to cut through the M&S car park. Is this what NYCC intended?

I have questioned NYCC Highways department before on the use of Keep Clear markings, specifically the one that appears to serve no purpose at all on Hookstone Road at the end of Coronation Grove, a short residential cul-de-sac.

It replaced one by the pedestrian crossing at the end of Hookstone Avenue which enabled traffic from there to turn right onto the main road more easily.

The response was a patronising letter explaining the uses of Keep Clear markings with no reference to the particular one I was enquiring about.

Jenny Moore

Almsford Oval, Harrogate