Letter: Kex Gill - A solution to the diversion

A59 at Kex Gill - Google Maps
A59 at Kex Gill - Google Maps

At what stage do North Yorkshire County Council start considering the public, the motorists and local businesses and use a bit of lateral thinking before sticking up the “Road Closed” signs?

There are alternatives to reduce the number of cars going through Otley, Ilkley etc. maybe not in their book of standard procedures.

For West to East travellers “cars only” could use Kex Gil Road up to the junction at Bank Dyke Hill. For greater safety it could be one way only. As motorists cannot exit onto the A59 at present this would not affect anyone.

The cars would then continue down to Blubberhouses. The traffic will be light as most of it will have been diverted up Shepherd Hill.

The same traffic management could be used for cars going East to West. Whichever is deemed to be most effective.

Down south, some time ago, a farmer laid tarmac in his field and allowed motorists to use it (for a small charge) to save a 12/15 mile detour. The toll eventually paid for the tarmac and labour, but the motive was concern for the local community.

Between Limekiln Hill and Moorcock Hall there is a 1.7 kilometre track, originally used by vehicles taking stone from the quarries. This could be levelled suitable for cars.

Any combination of traffic solutions on this stretch would be be better than the present diversion with its traffic lights, queues, extra fuel and pollution.

If managed correctly, it could take cars in both directions with either traffic lights or passing places. Motorists would accept this lesser inconvenience.

It could also be used again when the next slide occurs. This is flood damage and must surely qualify for money from the Flood Fund.

Alexander McManus