Letter: Harrogate Town - Wasting money on strikers

Harrogate Town V Grimsby Town. (1510241AM5)
Harrogate Town V Grimsby Town. (1510241AM5)

Thank you for the excellent coverage of sport in the local area. Re Harrogate Town AFC strikers. We don’t seem to have had a good striker since the days of Jimmy Hague.

Simon Weaver seems to bring one or two in each season, paying a substantial amount of money, to no end result.

I am 82 years old now, I used to manage Beckwithshaw and Spa Athletic in the Harrogate District League. I was president of Claro Catholics. All these teams were successful.

There are some excellent young footballers in the Harrogate District who never get a chance to play for their local team Harrogate Town.

I was talking to an ex player who is now a pensioner who can’t afford to go to Harrogate Town games. While they are wasting money on so called strikers, they won’t get the support to get promotion to the National Conference.

I have taken about 40 players from the Harrogate District to football league clubs; Alan Smith - York City, Tony Graham - York City, Steve Jones - Bradford City and Stewart Ferebee - York City.

All these players played first team football, I never took a penny for my services to football because it would have taken the enjoyment out of it for me.

John Ward

Bilton Lane, Harrogate