Letter: Flooding - No excuses for inaction

The clean up in Tadcaster after the flooding
The clean up in Tadcaster after the flooding

Successive British governments have failed to give any priority whatsoever to improving our national and local flood defences. In many parts of this wonderful country families have seen their homes devastated this Christmas by the extreme weather conditions.

How much of this could have been avoided is open to question but that is no excuse to for inaction.

I am pleased that the good people of York made their feelings quite clear to the Prime Minister when he finally turned up for a photo call.

Action this day was Churchill’s robust approach to solving problems during the Second World War.

As a country we are not short of funds, otherwise how does the Prime Minister justify sending £800 million overseas in aid each month?

Is the security and wellbeing of our own people only a secondary consideration?

The time has come for David Cameron to show us that he is more than just a shallow PR man.

In the coming months let us see what measures he adopts and what action his government takes to get on with the job.

We have the engineering talent in this country and we can always rely on our good friends in the Netherlands to share with us their world leading expertise in flood control.

Action this day is as relevant today as it was 70 years ago.

John White

Rossett Green Lane,