Letter: Flood relief - This £40million is peanuts!

The clean up in Tadcaster after the flooding
The clean up in Tadcaster after the flooding

It is very generous of the British Government and David Cameron promising to give £40m to the whole of Yorkshire to help with our flood defences and we are supposed to be grateful,

£40m is peanuts. The ignorant (lacking information and knowledge) population of Britain still haven’t grasped what is happening.

We give this amount every 17.5 hours to one city in Europe - Brussels (EU).

Have all of you forgotten the EU Directive ‘Natura 2000’ to flood the Somerset levels and as Tory Baroness Young gaily put it “attach a limpet mine to all the pumping stations in Somerset” as being the cheapest way to create a wetland nature reserve as requested by Policy 6 in the EU directive of 2007?

Also forgotten is the EU ‘Habitat Directive’, The EU ‘Water Framework and the EU ‘Floods Directive’ which stated that the protection of people is secondary to the environmental goal of creating new wetlands - good eh?

If you were not aware of the above, you are now.

So people of Yorkshire, what are you going to do about it?

’ll tell you, nothing at all, just keep on doing what you are told to do.

But there is something you could do when the in/out EU referendum takes place - vote out.

So that we can once more be free to govern ourselves.

Yorkshire - the choice is yours.

Mr V Platt

Cold Bath Road,