LETTER: Education - Lack of planning no surprise

Education - Lack of planning no surprise
Education - Lack of planning no surprise

Your headlines last week (Two students for every school place) came as no surprise as the rising birth rate was known when these children were born years ago.

Neither is this Government’s lack of planning a surprise. Their aim is to destroy our state education as we know it in favour of its own programme of free schools and academies.

After years of Gove, the new education secretary entered the job promising “to listen to teachers”. Having conducted a survey which discovered teachers main concerns were linked to workload, constant testing etc, she proceeds to increase their workload and enforce an even more oppressive regime.

We all know enthusiastic, confident teachers with a long-term commitment to education are essential to children’s education and well-being. They are a species on the endangered list.

The result of the constant bullying by this government with its punitive inspection system is a time bomb waiting to explode.

Over half of our teachers are planning to leave the profession in the next two years.

Work life balance is a thing of the past for so many. Does this make lessons more interesting and exciting? No, quite the reverse.

Do parents really want their children to be taught by exhausted, stressed teachers who are expected to reach ever more impossible targets? These targets are set by people in power who know little about children and how they learn. Education is about far more than raw scores achieved in tests. Political intervention is destroying our education service and driving teachers away.

Where are the teachers going to come from to teach all these extra pupils, even if they have classrooms in which to teach them?

Anne Boodt

Jenny Field Drive,