Letter: Council offices - Retain the centrepiece

Harrogate Council building.  (140131M1d)
Harrogate Council building. (140131M1d)

I have always opposed the move of the council offices from Crescent Gardens but I have to accept that now there is nothing I can do to stop that from happening, despite over 2,000 people joining me in that opposition.

Now I am calling on those people to support my suggestion for the council offices, which are due to be remarketed in the next few months. I would love to make sure the civic heart of the building, the stairway, Council Chamber and Mayor’s parlour are retained and the two wings converted into apartments.

I would envisage this civic heart being used by the Mayor to host civic guests and the Council Chamber used for various functions such as wedding ceremonies, dinners etc.

This Civic Centre would also be a good place to display the civic silver and memorabilia which otherwise will be dispersed or sold when the council moves to its new offices. The historic core of our town should be retained as a place where our civic history can be proudly displayed.

Coun Pat Marsh