Letter: Congestion - Bypass will not solve the problem

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You are continuing to publish the suggestion (Harrogate Advertiser, February 4) that the proposed bypass will ease congestion.

There have been letters and articles on this subject that have pointed out that east-west traffic makes a minimal contribution to Harrogate congestion and the main cause is local people making local journeys, overwhelmingly the school run. Every school holiday proves this point as the congestion disappears.

I’m sure there will be lots of benefits from a relief road if and when we ever see it, however it is misleading to keep making the suggestion or promoting the hope that it will help congestion.

Worse still, it is letting our local and county councillors off the hook to actually focus on the real causes of congestion and develop a strategy that will address it.

I don’t think anyone believes there are easy answers, but no action is the worst of all options.

It really isn’t responsible journalism to promote these flawed views that are only likely to encourage such inaction.

Perhaps Coun Don Mackenzie could comment on whether any of the new transport plan is expected to make a difference here.

John Rowe

Leadhall View,