Letter: City Centre - Sandwich boards littering Ripon

Views down Kirkgate towards Ripon Cathedral
Views down Kirkgate towards Ripon Cathedral

I must respond to the two letters criticising my comments about banners and sandwich boards littering the railings and pavements in Ripon City centre.

Sandwich boards are illegal in the same way that any other obstacle which partially or totally blocks a public right of way is. Any such hindrance should be fenced off.

My attention was drawn to the danger created by sandwich boards whilst I was the Mayor of Ripon when a lady came into the Town Hall to tell me that her husband, who was partially sighted, had fallen over one on a crowded pavement in Fishergate.

Luckily he was not seriously hurt but the incident prompted me to check with the police and North Yorkshire County Council.

Hannah Ruddy, writing on behalf of Ripon Amateur Operatic Society on October 1, said that sandwich boards and banners are not allowed in Harrogate.

If Harrogate District Council was doing its job, the streets and railings in Ripon would not be littered in the way they are at present.

Xenophon Kelsey MBE thinks that littering the front of the Town Hall, a Grade two listed building, is a petty issue.

Would he think the same if someone posted big banners across the front of the cathedral? I think not.

There are fifteen councillors in Ripon and in the past four and a half years they have done nothing but play party political games.

It is time that they realised that they are not in Westminster, they are a parish council and it is time that they got out on the streets of Ripon and sorted the place out.

David Parnaby