Letter: Christmas lights - Has the town ever looked better?

The crown on the Crown roundabout taken by John Walker
The crown on the Crown roundabout taken by John Walker

Has Harrogate ever looked better at Christmas? I don’t think so. This fabulous festive fizz and sparkle just doesn’t happen by itself.

Whilst Harrogate Borough Council does make a financial contribution, the major credit goes to Harrogate at Christmas, whose volunteers raise the vast majority of the funding and arrange the design and fitting of the wonderful illuminated and stylish displays which are bringing pleasure right around our town centre.Harrogate at Christmas was the brainchild of John Fox, former Mayor of the Borough of Harrogate.

I would like to thank and congratulate him and his small team, including the Chamber of Trade, who work tirelessly all year round to make sure Harrogate isn’t left in the dark at Christmas.

I would also like to offer a special thank you to whoever decided this year to light up the crown on the Crown roundabout.

OK, I can admit to a little bit of bias as the crown was a Harrogate in Bloom project to celebrate the Queen’s golden jubilee but it looks absolutely fabulous as part of this year’s Christmas lighting display.

And a final thank you to the council for its continued winter wonderland lighting of the trees on the Stray. They are a colourful bloom of temporary lights in the sky from October to March and bring twinkling envy to other towns who just can’t compete.

Lynne Mee

Pannal Ash Road,