Letter: Beware of any more '˜nibbling' of the Stray

As PR Officer of the Stray Defence Association, Syd Bell urges convincingly that we find common ground for the Stray's future (Advertiser, February 15). As Stray Stewards, this would involve Harrogate Borough Council.

Friday, 23rd February 2018, 11:30 am
The Stray

Like a stuck record, I regret to have to say that their historic and ongoing stewardship along Oatlands Drive and elsewhere leaves room for doubt as to how seriously they take that duty.

I understand that, when permission was given to run the railway across the Stray, the adjacent original station site, opposite Trinity Methodist Church, was given in compensation. More recently, when the Empress roundabout was built, the old road was dug up and grassed, thus forming part of the Stray.

No matter for what ‘nibbles’ the Otley Road (and other?) Stray Slips were given, it’s difficult to regard them as anything other than disconnected, legalistic jiggery-pokery.

Unless we do as Syd Bell suggests, within 20 years the main Stray could be greatly reduced, with slips stretching half way to Leeds. Ridiculous? - do not underestimate the influence of the car-obsessed among us!

If any more ‘nibbling’ is to be permitted, could I suggest the conversion of Coach Road as a very apt and adequate means of compensation?

Malcolm Wright