Letter: A short sighted decision by NYCC

St John Fisher Catholic High School in Harrogate.
St John Fisher Catholic High School in Harrogate.

I have just read the piece in your newspaper (November 26) , and I feel very angry at the response from Arthur Baker, NYCC executive member for education, who says: ‘It’s the choice of parents who decide to send their children to faith schools.’

In other words if you choose to send your child to a school because of your faith, then that is your choice and you will not receive any help from the council in the provision of buses to these schools.

Why are these families being penalised for having a faith and wanting their children to develop and be educated within that faith?

I find the response from Arthur Baker dismissive and disrespectful. As a parent who wishes to bring her children up within the Catholic faith and ethos, discontinuing the school bus service provided by NYCC, even though I currently pay just over £600 a year for the bus service for my two children to attend St John Fisher, leaves us with the worry of how we are going to get the children to school.

This short sighted decision by the council will only make the roads in Harrogate even busier in rush hour traffic, as I like many other families will resort to using the car for school runs. If Arthur Baker would like parents not to choose the faith schools, where does he think the children should go?

Are not the majority of Harrogate schools not already oversubscribed?

Van Parys