Legalise assisted dying debate

NADV 1401142AM6 Council Offices. (1401142AM6)
NADV 1401142AM6 Council Offices. (1401142AM6)

The second in a series of debates is to be held in Harrogate Council Chambers on February 23 at 7pm.

Two nationally-renown speakers – Emeritus Professor of Geriatric Medicine Roy Tallis of Dignity in Dying and Dr Mark Houghton, who is a Christian GP who himself has a chronic illness – will be debating assisted dying.

The question: “This House believes that the time has come to legalise assisted dying” will be followed in May by one on the morality of faith schools.

The format is the audience vote on the motion as they enter the Council Chambers and then again at the end of the debate, in order to see who has “won”.

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