Leeds Festival 2017: Police chief’s top three safety tips for festival-goers

Chief Supt Keith Gilert is heading up the Leeds Festival policing operation.
Chief Supt Keith Gilert is heading up the Leeds Festival policing operation.

Everyone heading to Leeds Festival has a part to play in making sure it is memorable for all the right reasons.

And there are simple steps they can take to help the weekend run smoothly.

Chief Superintendent Keith Gilert said the three key messages for festival-goers were to pack light, remember drug possession is illegal and keep valuables safely on them.

“People need to be aware that security checks will be tighter than they’ve ever been for the very obvious reasons around terrorism,” he said. “People can expect more bag searches and more of a security presence.

“The advice is travel as light as you can, don’t bring any unnecessary items.

“Secondly, as ever, don’t bring drugs to festivals. If you’re found in possession, you’re likely to be evicted from the festival and arrested. It’s that simple.

“The third piece of advice is around theft. Don’t bring phones, tablets and other items are attractive to thieves if you don’t need to – and keep them safely on you if you do.”

In addition to the extra security checks, festival crowds might also see some armed police supporting the operation.

Chief Supt Gilert said: “People might seem armed officers from time to time for reassurance. That’s what people have come to expect and the festival is no different to any other crowded place.

“Hopefully though, everyone will come to the festival and have a fantastic time.”

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