Latest - Caravan 'encampment' has gone from Stray on Harrogate

Gone - The camp from France on the Stray in Harrogate.
Gone - The camp from France on the Stray in Harrogate.

The illegal caravan 'encampment' has left the Stray after steps were taken by Harrogate Borough Council.

Having been parked without permission on the grass at Oatlands Drive at the end nearest to St Aidan's C of E High School for a week, worries were growing whether the 15 or so caravans and cars believed to be from France were going to leave.

The Stray Defence Association, a volunteer-led charity which has long battled to protect the Stray for the whole town, had been faced with requests from some local residents, some of them aggressive in tone, for more "robust" action.

A few even argued the police should turn up on the Stray to remove the camp.

Caravan 'camp' appears on Stray in Harrogate

But the SDA told the Harrogate Advertiser had been liaising with the council over the situation the whole time as the council prepared appropriate legal action to have the campsite removed as swiftly as was legally possible.

The council went to court to get possession of the site at the end of last week and served notice to the camp to go.

By Monday the strategy had appeared to work as the town's unexpected visitors had gone leaving bags of rubbish and debris behind.

The council is left having to clear up the mess.

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