Landmark Bed restaurant bids farewell to Harrogate in emotional Facebook post

Bed restaurant
Bed restaurant

A landmark independent Harrogate restaurant has announced it will be closing down, blaming the 'tsunami' of larger chains opening.

Bed Restaurant made the announcement on their Facebook page yesterday (April 4) that they would be closing down after 14 years in business.

The restaurant's owner, Dave Burns, said he made the announcement with a 'heavy heart' and revealed they had become unable to compete with more chains opening in Harrogate.

Bed opened on King's Road 14 years ago, building up a huge fan base over the years with hundreds of their customers expressing their disappointment at the restaurant's closure.

In an emotional Facebook message, Mr Burns paid tribute to his hard-working staff but urged other independents in the town to continue their fight.

He said: "It’s with a heavy heart and if I’m honest a tear in my eye that I have to admit to having had an important guest come round for tea. It was the Fat Lady.

"We have had 14 wonderful years and as the saying goes we had a ball. I have had the privilege of meeting some truly amazing folk from all walks of life …from the rich and famous to just normal folk like you and me.

"We just couldn't compete with the tsunami of restaurants, more so of late the larger chains, opening in HG1 and the slow and painful demise of the once very busy Harrogate International Centre. We simply couldn’t survive on Fridays and Saturdays alone.

"To all my fellow Independants out there…keep at it!! you/we all do an amazing job and I wish you continued wealth and happiness."

The emotional Facebook post was met with hundreds of comments from disappointed customers, many of whom bemoaned the closure of another independent in town.

On the same day Bed revealed they were closing, US burger chain Five Guys confirmed they would be bringing their restaurant to Harrogate in the summer.

Five Guys will join recently opened chains including Nandos, Jamie's Italian and Las Iguanas in Harrogate with Yo Sushi, Byron Burgers and Ask set to arrive at the former Beales department store.

While many residents reacted to Five Guys' immenent arrival with excitement, others used it as an example of the growing type of competition independents such as Bed faced.

Commenting on the Advertiser's Facebook page, Penny Lauder said: "'Ive just read a post about BED closing because of the competition from large chain restaurants. This makes me so sad. Harrogate needs to take pride in its individuality rather than blend in with all the other towns and cities.

Kerry Parsons said she was disappointed the chain store was opening, 'especially after hearing the sad news Bed is closing down' with Dianne Raper saying it was 'sad news'.

Bed had become well-loved over the years in Harrogate, with customers voting it to number four of restaurants in the town on Trip Advisor.

Mr Burns later said he was 'absolutely blown away by the comments' left by customers on Facebook, adding it had made 'a sad day very much more bearable'.

He said: "It genuinely means so much that my little restaurant and my team made so many happy memories for so many of our guests."