Knaresborough girl works with TV stars in bid to become actress

A Knaresborough girl has set her sights high having worked alongside some famous faces and showbiz stars in a bid to chase an acting career.

Friday, 10th February 2017, 3:26 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:07 am
Little Coral with Junade Khan who plays Ash Roy in Hollyoaks. Picture: Kim Mason

11-year-old, Coral Mason, has already been featured on Cbeebies TV show Old Jack's Boat but now the young aspiring actress has worked with stars from Game of Thrones, Pop Idol and professional dancers.

At a Zoe Birkett Academy workshop Coral was given acting training and tips by Junade (or Jay) Khan, who is better known for his roles as a Dothraki Bloodrider in Game of Thrones and Ash Roy in Channel 4's Hollyoaks.

Coral also worked alongside the creator of the academy, Zoe Birkett who was the winning contestant of Pop Idol in 2002, and other professional dancers from Pineapple dance studios.

Coral with the founder of the academy, Zoe Birkett. Picture: Kim Mason

Coral said: "It was amazing how I learnt so much from so many different areas. My favourite parts were working with Christabelle from Pineapple learning how to do the Chicago dance and then when Jay taught me how to do American accent."

But the star-studded work isn't expected to stop for Coral any time soon, who is due to fly out to New York in summer to work alongside Al Pacino.

Coral with the founder of the academy, Zoe Birkett. Picture: Kim Mason