Knaresborough 10-year-old makes it on the TV

A 10 year old girl from Knaresborough is living every child’s dream after a BBC television series she starred in has aired this week.

Friday, 18th September 2015, 11:46 am
Young actress Coral Mason. (1509155AM1)

Coral Mason began filming for the children’s programme ‘Old Jack’s Boat Rock Pool Tales’ in April this year but the first episode aired on CBeebies on Monday September 21.

The series is set in the 1930’s and Coral stars alongside Bernard Cribbins, where she plays sailor Sue, a character from Old Jack’s childhood.

Kim Mason, Coral’s mum said: “She’s ten now and she takes it all in her stride, she absolutely loves it. I’m extremely proud of her, it brings a tear to my eye. She’s always wanted to do TV work. My mother was in the royal ballet and so it’s nice to see her following in her footsteps.

But this is not the first acting job Coral has had - as well as recently featuring in advertisements for Aldi, Smyths Toys and Lawyers for U, Rock Pool Tales is a follow-on from the first series of Old Jack’s Boat in which Coral also starred.

Despite her incredible success, Coral has not been in the acting business for a very long time.

Her mum said: “She got into acting when she was about 8 so about two years ago now. It all started when she watched Emmerdale once and she said “I want to be on there” - that’s her main ambition.

“She kept getting approached as well because of her looks, she has red hair and blue eyes. So I thought let’s take her to an agency and if she doesn’t get in it doesn’t matter. She had to do a catwalk and a script to camera and then we got an email a few weeks later saying she’d been accepted into the agency.”

Kim is hopeful that this experience will open more doors for her daughter’s dreams to be an actress.

She said:” Hopefully they’ll film another series, the staff there were fantastic with her, they treated her like a queen. I’m hoping this opens up the door for her, that it leads on to something else - like Emmerdale! She’s had an opportunity to get a taste of what its like so she knows what she wants to do.”

The series, set in Staves near Whitby, is on at 5.35pm every day this week.