A Gift Day: for church funds raised £1,600 last month. This is an excellent result and very much appreciated. All those who came to the church could see a fabulous exhibition of British coins from the17th century to the present time. Thanks to Gerald Allen for this.

The Harvest Festival Service: will take place at 11am on Sunday, October 13 followed by lunch in the village hall at 12.30pm.

A Coffee morning: held in the village hall last month raised £411 for Macmillan Nursing Care.Thank you to everyone involved in reaching this excellent figure.

The village: said farewell to its eldest resident Mrs Annie Ferguson, aged 106, at her funeral service held in St John the Baptist Church, Kirk Hammerton last month. Apart from the last few months of her life which she spent at Springfield Garth, Boroughbridge, she lived on her own at Cattal Station. Mentally very active to the end she was always a joy to meet and consequently had many friends. As her late husband, Cyril, had been the station master at Cattal Station she made full use of her concessional rail travel until the age of 95. She loved her day trips all over the country and it was not easy for her family to persuade her that maybe it was time to stop. During her life Britain had five monarchs, countless prime ministers, two worlds wars and witnessed an advance in technology which in 1907 would have been science fiction, but not even that had been thought of then.

A very special lady, a real treasure, a joy and a privilege to have known and been accepted as a friend. What fantastic memories we will all have of her. God bless you Annie. Our sympathies are extended to Dorothy and Don, three grand children, seven great grandchildren, two great great grandchildren, and the extended family.

A village Charity Stall: situated on the drive of Llandaff Cottage for the last four years has now raised £3,000 for various charities. Surplus produce, plants (or absolutely anything) are placed on the stall and those who can use them place a donation in the box. It is thrilling to think that what may have been thrown away has benefitted various charities to such an extent.