Kirk Hammerton

Kirk Hammerton

Les Hornby

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The Village Choir: presented an excellent Christmas concert in the parish church in December which was followed by refreshments in the village hall. A large number of people attended and the evening raised £576 which was shared between the church and the village hall. Rehearsals for the next production begin on February 7.

A couple: new to the village, but keen to become part of the community held a soup and sandwich lunch in the village hall last month for its development fund. It was a wonderful occasion, well supported and raised £230. A huge thank you to Jean and Julian Bennett and their friends from Pannal. Future newcomers to the village, beat that!

The cricket club: has started nets at King James’s School on Mondays 7-8pm. As with most clubs they are seeking new members but they believe that they can give a welcome to new members, second to none. Why not ring Tom Main on 01423 331078 and find out what the club is all about.

The Conservation Society: will be having their annual walk on February 10 starting from the village green at 1.30pm. On March 1 the annual talk will be presented by Mary Chapman of Nuzzlets in the village hall at 7.30pm. She will be accompanied by abandoned animals from their sanctuary in Ouseburn, and on March 8 the annual dinner will be held at The Bridge Inn, Walshford.

In November: the village lost a lady, a remarkable person, a village icon, Norah Richardson. What a privilege to have known her, and even more so to have been part of her life. Norah was born into a farming family and was used to hard work from the start, something that never left her. However she did find time to go to local dances, at one she met Ronnie. They married in 1943, and what a fascinating couple they were. Knaresborough market was the pinnacle of their working week, they even got married on a Wednesday after selling their produce at the market. Nothing escaped her attention, and her support for her family and the village was total. Her enthusiasm was unbelievable to the end. You asked her, “Norah we are going to so and so on Saturday, are you interested, “Oh yes please.” Her disabilities did not restrict her. Many people did not realise how impaired her hearing, sight and mobility were as she made light of it. It nearly took an act of parliament to take her bike off her. After that the family stopped trying to part her from her wheelbarrow. Not many people of 96 when asked how they broke their hip say pushing a wheelbarrow. Ninety seven years she spent with us, no one can remember life without her, nor the village without her input. To Norah the church was very important. Her Christian belief was evident by the way she lived her life and by her devotion to the church. She was actively involved in the WI and the Country Women’s Association, but she supported everything in the village. If the world was full of Norahs what a wonderful place it would be. What fabulous memories will remain with us for the rest of our lives. Sympathies are extended to Geoffrey, Shirley, Cate and Tim and their families and to her sister Dorothy Lumley.

Primary School: on Friday, February 8 at 3.10pm the village primary school will be formally opening their new reading room, school library. This has been achieved by the kind generosity and support of Friends of Kirk Hammerton Primary School. We are delighted to welcome Andy Seed, children’s author and poet to not only open the room but to work with the children during the day. If you are able to come along we would be delighted to see you at 3.10pm.