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It’s Arrived!: for a considerable time I had been noticeing that at most social occasions chat would get round to the question “Have you got your wheelie bins yet?”. Always the answer has been “No, not yet” leaving those of us without one with mixed feelings – somewhat deprived and what are we missing or help! what are we in for. Dealing with ones rubbish is very personal and I’m sure most of us develop our own little routines to keep things tidy and orderly or maybe don’t even bother. For some years we have had a black recycling box and blue bag which have become part of life and useful, although to start with it seemed difficult, as general rubbish was collected at the back of the house but we were told that to save time and money the black box and blue bag would be collected at the front of the property, back then there were quite a few understandable grumblings. Last week early in the morning we became aware of rumblings, maybe we were going to have a thunder storm, but no there was also banging and chattering. Looking outside there was a hive of activity, men seemed to be dashing everywhere, a lady with a clipboard guiding and checking, the large van they had emerged from was full of black wheelie bins. As the van drew closer it was our turn. Yes – it was even more exciting, our wheelie bin had arrived. It seemed enormous in our small back yard, or courtyard as estate agents call them these days. Time was spent studying it – including what if I could not push it when it was full? And so it went on until eventually it found its new home. The first fortnightly collection starts in August, a new beginning. I thought I had a full life with plenty to occupy my thoughts without resorting to wheelie bins and their collection. My children can’t believe that so much discussion has gone on about wheelie bins, their properties have had them for years.

Saint Luke’s Church of England Church: on Sunday, July 7 the 10.30am service at Saint Luke’s Church will be the celebration of Holy Communion. The church is on Franklin Square, behind the church spire of the old Saint Luke’s on Kings Road.

Saint Wilfrid’s Church, Duchy Road: services on Sunday, July 7 at Saint Wilfrid’s Church, Duchy Road are as follows: 8am Mass, a simple Mass in traditional language; 10am the Parish Mass, the principal Sunday Morning Mass of the Parish and at 6pm Evening Prayer.

Sailors, Dragons and Grey Men: on Tuesday, July 9 at 2.30pm, Harrogate Stray Probus Club will meet at the Ascot House Hotel, Kings Road. At their fortnightly meetings they usually have a speaker, and on this occasion David Davies will speak about Sailors, Dragons and Grey Men ( 1966-1977).

Membership is open to men and women retired and semi retired and further details may be had from David Watson on 01423 866323.

A Night For A Laugh: the next evening of entertainment at Sitting Room Comedy, which meets in the George Hotel, Ripon Road, Harrogate, is likely to be a sell out says host and master of ceremonies Tom Taylor. Appearing will be Gavin Webster and Andi Osho. Andi has appeared on Live at the Appolo, Mock The Week and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Road Show. Tickets are £10 and are available on line using PayPal – or from the hotel. Doors open at 7pm for a 8pm start. The programme may on occasion be subject to change.

Information: if you are raising funds, promoting an idea or had a success and are in the Kings Road area. Please let me know and I will be happy to include details in this column. 01423 521765 or margaret@garnermail are the contact details.