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What Will Be Next?: I hardly dare write this – but at the moment we are in the middle of a wonderful warm spell, the weatherman says that it is the middle. Visitors from abroad wonder at the constant awareness and fascination of many of us as regards the weather. As it is something that is with us all the time then why wouldn’t we? The last few months of every kind of weather have had everything and everyone confused. In our household we noticed that the first buds to come out on our horse chestnut tree were three weeks later than 30 years ago and the latest at any time during that period. Once opened though the tree set about catching up and the candles are now at the stage they would normally be. The cherry tree blossoms had a rough time with the wind and rain and yet flowers that are blooming late are making attractive displays with their unusual bed fellows who have chosen to bloom on time. We were told that June 1 was the first day of summer and on a walk at Grassington yesterday it seemed that everything was back in kilter. The oak and ash were both out, the lambs were looking strong, the mother duck parading her ducklings along the river,the falls at Linton frothing happily and two kingfishers darted past. All of this gave us the feeling, the weather can do what it likes everything sorts itself out. It will be interesting to see what the weather has in store when this is published on Thursday, June 13.

Saint Luke’s Church of England Church: on Sunday, June 16 the 10.30am service will take the form of All Age/Parade at Luke’s Church, Franklin Square which is situated behind the old Saint Luke’s Church spire on Kings Road.

Flowers for Peace: local resident Judy d’Arcy Thompson of Duchy Road would like us to be aware of a movement started by women around the country to have a peaceful protest of flowers against terrorism in honour of Drummer Lee Rigby who was recently so publicly and tragically killed. We are simply asked to lay flowers on our local war memorials as a sign to his family of our support. More details may be had on 01423 567550.

Viper Rooms: on Saturdays at the Viper Rooms, Parliament Street/Kings Road new residents DJs are in action. In The Lounge, DJ Angel Lee plays music featuring all the feel good songs including such artists as Madonna, Barry White, Whitney and Diana Ross. At the same time In The club and auditorium, DJ Jay Collins ( Funk Junkie) offers credible chart and house classics. All of this in luxurious surroundings. For info to book a VIP booth/group booking call 01423 532976.

Raising Awareness: from 2-3pm on Saturday, June 22 the Harrogate Symphony Orchestra(HSO) will perform at the Royal Hall, Ripon Road to raise awareness for the No Strings Charity ( This matinee performance includes Britten’s,Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra and Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf. Also included is puppet theatre. Children need to be accompanied by an adult. At 7.30pm the HSO’s Summer Concert includes Saen-Saens, Danse Macarbe; Prokofiev, Peter and the Wolf; Dukas, Sorcerer’s Apprentice; Britten,Young Persons Young Guide to the Orchestra and Beethoven’s Symphony No 6 (The Pastoral). Bryan Western is the conductor and more details are on the website