Killinghall residents’ fury as plans for 62 homes approved

The Killinghall Village sign
The Killinghall Village sign

Killinghall residents were left furious after a planning referral meeting approved plans for a 62 home residential development off Cautley Drive.

The plan was approved by Harrogate Borough Council after three previous attempts failed over concerns about the impact on the village, traffic and air pollution.

Representatives from both the applicant’s agent Carter Jonas, as well as those from the Killinghall parish council spoke at the meeting on Tuesday before the committee voted 9-2 in favour of it.

Whilst officials said they were very much aware of the traffic situation in Killinghall and the impact the 3.5hectare development would have they found no sufficient reason for rejecting the proposal.

Jane Dacombe spoke in opposition of the plans as a representative of the parish council and said she was ‘extremely disappointed’ with the outcome of the meeting.

She said: “The development will have a massive impact on Killinghall and the surrounding areas. The traffic lights will greatly increase traffic in and around Killinghall.

“There are already 75 houses being built on Picking Croft Lane and, with these plans, our population could increase by more than 30 per cent which we simply can’t handle.

“These planning applications are taking away the character of Killinghall. We have not got the infrastructure to cope with it and the fields chosen for this location are used by dog walkers and children.”

John Goodwin, partner at the applicant’s agent Carter Jonas, spoke at the meeting and said there were no sound planning reasons for the council to refuse the application.

He said: “The two reasons for refusing this application; the detrimental impact on highway safety and more suitable sites being available, lack credibility.

“This is the site the planning committee agreed was a perfect site and it will provide much needed affordable homes.”

Despite plans for the mix of detached, semi-detached and terraced dwellings being approved, Ms Dacombe said the parish council was considering lodging a judicial review.

She said: “We already have 37 affordable homes being built in Killinghall so we don’t want to become a town with just lots of affordable houses.

“This ruling creates a precedent and now there could be a planning free for all for all of Harrogate. We know there are other applications which will be devastating for Killinghall but also for Harrogate as a whole. The council should have shown better leadership.”