Jenny was seen alive after supposed murder, jury is told

MISSING teenager Jenny Nicholl was seen alive in her home town of Richmond two days after she was supposedly murdered, its was claimed in court this week.

The 19-year-old is alleged to have been killed by her former lover David Hodgson, 47, but in a twist at Teeside Crown Court the jury heard Mr Hodgson’s elder daughter Frances claim that Jenny was seen alive two days after her supposed murder.

Jenny Nicholl vanished on June 30, 2005 but Frances Hodgson, 24, says her father’s brother Robert saw and spoke to Jenny in Richmond two days later on July 2.

Asked why she had not told the police this earlier she replied: "It was only after my statement was made that I found out."

Miss Hodgson also said Jenny had been staying with her uncle for a couple of months before she went missing.

But Robert Hodgson, 49, said the last time he recalled seeing Jenny was when they shared a takeaway supper at his flat and she spent the night on the couch.

He was unaware of the relationship between Jenny and his younger brother until after she vanished.

Earlier in the week the court heard from the wife of the accused, Alison Hodgson, 41, who said Jenny Nicholl’s flirting, when she was only 14, drove a wedge between the couple and she also caused problems with their daughters, who were at the same school.

She said her husband and Miss Nicholl used to exchange text messages, and silent telephone calls were made to the family’s home in Richmond.

Mrs Hodgson told the jury: "I found it very upsetting but he said that nothing was going on. We were separate people living in the same house. We are fine now, we have sorted through our problems.

She said Hodgson went on an overnight camping trip on June 30, 2005, the night Miss Nicholl told her parents she was staying out. She was never seen again.

David Hodgson, unemployed, of Olav Road, Richmond denies murdering Jenny, of Bolton Avenue, Richmond.

The trial continues.