Jack Laugher: How I countdown to Christmas


In his latest blog, Jack reveals the latest from his training camp in Australia and his preparations for Christmas and the New Year – including having three advent calendars.

Forget the cold weather in Britain – it’s a bit of a different countdown to Christmas for me as I’m currently out on the Gold Coast in Australia as part of a warm weather training camp.

Obviously it’s nice to get to travel to an awesome place like Australia but the idea behind it is for preparation for the Olympics in Rio next year.

We are training in an outdoor venue as the pool in Brazil is also outdoors so it’s about getting used to that environment.

Training is really intense right now so we don’t get that much time off but it’s good to visit a nice beach or see the Australian wildlife – it’s a lot different from back home.

The best thing about travelling to different places with my diving is being able to experience the world with so many great friends.

We don’t see much apart from the hotel and the pool, but when we do its amazing to share great experiences with great people.

We actually did a spot of cooking together the other day. I couldn’t say who the best chef was but it was a good effort by us all.

I am sharing a room with Chris Mears out here and he and I are also flatmates back home in Leeds.

The other boys on the team are pretty messy although I know that I can be very messy at times too.

With being away training in Australia in the run up to Christmas it has meant that I have had to be extremely prepared this year.

I bought all my Christmas presents early, before leaving on the trip, and ordered a lot of things online so I’ve got everything sorted.

We fly back home for the holidays and I’m extremely excited for it and spending Christmas with my family.

I absolutely love it. It’s my favourite time of the year and I admit I do have more than one advent calendar this December too. There is something magical about opening an advent calendar so why not have that feeling three times a day?

Christmas is the main event for me rather than New Year. I don’t actually have any plans for the 31st yet and I’m a boring New Year’s Eve person really. I like to stay in and watch a film with some pizza.

I’ll generally set myself some New Year’s resolutions but most of them are just personal goals like trying to be tidier, learning to cook more food or making sure I’m on time to places – just little things like that.

But hopefully 2016 can be a good one for me – it’s a big year with a lot of fun competitions throughout it so I’m really excited for what’s to come.

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