It’s blast off for new children’s music group!

A new Saturday morning music group goes into orbit at Harrogate Music Centre. (S)
A new Saturday morning music group goes into orbit at Harrogate Music Centre. (S)

A NEW music group has been launched at Harrogate Music Centre.

Aimed at children as young as eight or less, Blast Off! is designed to be a fun introduction to playing in a group of wind instruments.

Music centre director Stephen Price said: “Some children have turned up before having any lessons at all but all are welcome in this band which makes a point of not being scary and is a great way for children to build confidence.

“Playing a musical instrument with others is a fantastic way of learning not just how to play in time and tune, but how to develop skills in communicating with others, working as a team and broadening musical experience, some of which cannot be taught as effectively in instrument lesson time.”

Members of the new group come from schools across the Harrogate district and meet on Saturday mornings during term time, as part of the wider Harrogate Music Centre which includes a range of ensembles. Mr Price said he hoped they would go on to become members of the junior concert band in the future.

He added: “The music centre has been going for many years and is run by North Yorkshire County Council to provide ensemble experience for young musicians of all ages and abilities.

“It has always provided a place where like-minded children from all schools and backgrounds can meet, form friendships and improve their talents.

“We are always looking for new members and invite anyone who is interested in joining us to get in touch.”

For more information, email, visit or call 01609 534979.