It’s a cool car - but where’s Tom Cruise?

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EVEN for Harrogate, that’s a pretty flash car.

This picture was sent in by reader Mike Edward, from the town’s St Nicholas Road.

“Spotted in Harrogate Cambridge Crescent at 12 noon on Wednesday, December 28,” said Mike.

“Sporting the registration number TOP 6UN this strikingly blue Lamborghini was attracting a lot of interest from passers-by.”

But to whom did it belong? One Twitter user thought he had the answer.

Elliott Jackson (@Elky101) wrote: “@TomCruise I’ve heard rumours that you were in Betty’s Cafe in Harrogate, England yesterday?

“Is this true?! Hope you enjoyed it big man.”

Sadly, the mystery remains. There was no reply to the tweet from Mr Cruise.