Is new-look Harrogate car park better after £1m facelift?

Harrogate drivers have been saying mostly good things about the new-look multi-storey car park at Tower Street since work was completed recently on a major £1 million facelift.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 2nd August 2018, 1:10 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd August 2018, 1:13 pm
Pretty? How the Tower Street car park in Harrogate looks now after its 1m facelift.
Pretty? How the Tower Street car park in Harrogate looks now after its 1m facelift.

The changes at the car park located next door to Pure Gym were more than cosmetic; they also included structural repairs to the concrete, new roof and lighting in what has always been one of Harrogate's most moderately-priced car parks.

No longer quite as 'brutalist' as when it was first built at the peak of Britain's love affair with everything 'modernist'in the 1970s, its harsh use of grey-white concrete and bold lines has now been clad in gentle colours, softer materials and generic artwork of sporting activities - and trees.

Ugly? How the Tower Street car park in Harrogate looked earlier this year.

In the past, some had accused the four-storey car park of simply being 'ugly'.

But some think the new look has undermined its architectural integrity and left the building looking bland, neither one thing nor the other.

Owend by Harrogate Borough Council, the reasons for the facelift at what has alway been a very moderately-priced car park are straightforward, say the council.The car park had begun "show its age" said Cabinet Member for Sustainable Transport Meeting, Coun Phil Ireland when the project was launched.

He said: “The works, to fix problems caused by water damage and to give it a new, modern, look will improve the experience for all users "

What do Harrogate Advertiser readers think of the changes and do they prefer how the Tower Street car park looks now, is the question.

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