Inspiring family win Tommy's award

A Sicklinghall couple has won the Frankie and Benny's Inspirational Family Award at a glittering ceremony in London.

Friday, 30th March 2018, 6:00 am

Amy, 30, Connor, 32 and Charlotte Campbell were presented the title by Tommy’s to celebrate extra-special families that transform the lives of others through pregnancy complications or the loss of a baby.

The Campbell family were nominated by friend Kirsty, 29, for their amazing actions following the death of their daughter Esme.

In 2016, Amy and Connor found out they were going to parents for the first time, and to twins. At 24 weeks, Amy’s waters broke and she was rushed into hospital.

The twins, Esme and Charlotte, spent their first few weeks fighting for their lives.

Amy said: “As new parents all you want to do is cuddle your beautiful new-born babies and tell them everything is going to be ok, but this was taken away from them.

“Sometimes we couldn’t even hold their hands as they were so poorly. After seven weeks of fighting, Esme died due to extreme prematurity, meningitis and ventriculitis.”

Alongside the loss of their daughter Esme, Amy and Connor still had to worry about Charlotte who, after blood transfusions, a bleed to the brain and many more health challenges, was able to come home on oxygen after three months.

Kirsty said: “I have never seen such strength, braveness and courage. How can you say goodbye to your beautiful daughter after seven long weeks of her fighting? They put all their love into Charlotte, she was a surviving twin and they needed to do Esme proud.”

Amy and Connor wanted something positive to come out the tragic loss of their daughter, focussing all of their extra energy into raising awareness and helping other families going through similar situations.

Amy has also written about her loss in her blog which has touched so many other families who have gone through, or are going through, similar experiences. Kirsty added: “Amy and Connor did not just get on with their life, they went out of their way to thank the Neonatal Units and to show their support by setting up a non-profit organisation to raise money for Neonatal Units and to support families and friends, called Campbellinas.

“They have raised an incredible amount so far and continue to put their heart and soul into everything to make sure Esme will be proud.

“Amy and Connor continue to show such courage with everything they do and are the most admirable and inspirational family I will ever know.”