Impatiently waiting for sister’s baby

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I’m on tenterhooks at the moment, waiting for the phone to ring for news of my sisters impending labour.

It’s her first baby and she is already a week overdue.

Our Mumblings columnist Sally Haslewood.

Our Mumblings columnist Sally Haslewood.

She is being remarkably relaxed about it. I, on the other hand have been mentally pacing the floor for the last week!

With my first baby I only went two days overdue but being the impatient control freak that I am, even those 48 hours drove me mad.

I actually think it is worse for me waiting to hear news from her than it was when I was waiting to give birth myself.

When it was me waiting to get going I could at least busy myself preparing the nursery, packing and unpacking the hospital bag and generally faffing around in a clucky nesting kind of way.

I had dozens of texts and phone calls from well-wishers asking me how things were going and whether or not there was any news.

To be honest it drove me absolutely mad at the time when the answer was “nothing to report” but now I find myself doing it to my sister.

Daily phone calls have become the norm and I actually feel disappointed if I notice that she’s been on Facebook.

I have turned into some sort of pregnancy stalker!

I am so excited for her as she has done me the honour of asking me if I’ll be there at the birth and to say I’m looking forward to it is something of an understatement.

I hope that I will be able to be a really valuable support to her and while her very capable husband is also going to be there, I think that having gone through it all myself twice fairly recently I should be fairly helpful to them both.

It’s such an exciting but scary time waiting for your first labour to begin.

I remember talking it over at length with my husband but knowing full well that no amount of theoretical preparation was really going to help.

My husband (who fancies himself as a bit of a comedian) would tell me that he had prepared a few motivational phrases to use during the delivery.

These included “pain is just weakness leaving the body”.

“It’s just like going for a number two” and “c’mon, you’re just not trying hard enough...”

Needless to say none of these were uttered. He wouldn’t have dared!

He freely admits it actually gave him a new found respect for the female species having watched two babies being born.

He told me he was intending to have a go on the gas and air.

It never happened; he would have needed the strength of ten men to wrestle it out of my fist.

He also said he would remain at the head end; curiosity and the fact that the second midwife was late quashed that ideal. He was handed a torch and told by a fairly matronly midwife to “Shine it up there and don’t move!”

It’s such a huge event that is about to happen for my sister.

Her whole life is about to change and we’re all just waiting for the kick off.

The labour is just the start of this journey and I can’t wait to watch you along the way.

Good luck Sis!


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