'If you believe in something you can do it,' community support in Wetherby gets bike path completed in two days

Wetherby Bike Trails and the community of Wetherby break ground on phase one credit: Wetherby Bike Trails
Wetherby Bike Trails and the community of Wetherby break ground on phase one credit: Wetherby Bike Trails

The community of Wetherby put their hearts into completing a bike pump track for young children in 48 hours, just in time to be captured by aerial coverage for the Tour de Yorkshire.

Breaking ground on the Little Toe track at Millennium Field last Friday, more than 80 people came together, thanks to the efforts of the Wetherby Bike Trails group, to shovel and shape the new track within two days.

Organisers like Declan Wilson remain ambitious for the future of the project but have been left amazed by the support shown by residents and their families.

Mr Wilson said: “If you look at how it used to be when we were getting skate parks or BMX tracks say 30 years ago, it was hard to get these projects just get off the ground. But in the age of social media and being connected it is amazing how we can get a small team together and we can be so effective.

“Growing up, we wanted these things but it took years and years and by the time it came to building them, we were grown up or had moved on. “It is not just a good thing for biking but for the whole community, it shows that if you believe in something enough and people have it in their hearts, that you can do it.

“We have also had some really good support from the Wetherby Lions and the Council, and its great to just see everyone on board. But despite this we are not resting on our laurels, we have proven ourselves and we are building momentum to continue the work on phase two for a skills track.

“I think what we have done is amazing and we are so proud of our families and community of all ages who came out to help build a facility. This is something that doesn’t happen enough and maybe we can give hope to other projects.

The pump track will offer a chance for young riders to practice around a loop featuring raised corners or berms and mounds known as rollers or jumps, building up their skills. Representing phase one of plans for the site, the pump track will be followed by a more challenging bike skills track, sited on wooded land nearby that was donated by a family for £1 to the council.

Formed over social media last summer the Wetherby Bike Trails group has been supported in its work by expert trail builders, SingletrAction who have built tracks across Yorkshire.

SingletrAction has supported them waymarking, mapping and helping to maintain a 27 mile off-road route around Wetherby and Harrogate.

WBT founder Richard Plummer said: “We had so many families and kids getting stuck in. We could not believe the support. We’re just all so proud we have made this happen. Ever since the Tour de Yorkshire came to Yorkshire it’s gone cycling crazy.”